Asparagus and Cheese Flan

These pastries are irresistable. They look and taste delicious.

Asparagus Pizza

This recipe matches asparagus with a deconstructed puttanesca sauce. Surprisingly, this really works – the asparagus stands up well to the robust pizza flavours.

Asparagus Vignarola

This is an Italian stew made from spring vegetables including artichokes, broad beans, peas.

Asparagus Bruschetta

Most asparagus bruschetta recipes use goats cheese. I tried this and it’s okay but unremarkable, so I made a artichoke and cannellini bean puree to replace the cheese – it’s much better.

Asparagus, Jersey Royal and Parmesan Fritatta

Fresh asparagus is full of flavour and goodness – the perfect vegetable to celebrate the arrival of spring. Dairy, eggs, potatoes, Parmesan and parsley all marry well with tasty asparagus and come together to create this delicious frittata recipe.

Asparagus and Parma ham

Here is the simplest way to enjoy the flavour combination of asparagus and Parma ham – side-by-side.

Parma Ham and Asparagus

A great flavour combination and presented here as a main meal salad or antipasto.

Bresaola and avocado with rocket, Parmesan and crisp toasts

This is a standard Soho trattatoria fare of the 70’s. Bresaola, rocket and Parmesan is still popular so the avocado element seems to have fallen out of favour. Put it back in – it’s a good combo!

Creamy, Buttery Asparagus Risotto

‘Risotto is my favourite dish, ever.’

Pappardelle with Parma Ham

Another ‘leftover’ from an Easter anti pasto and another recipe worth posting.

Quick Lasagne with Tuna and Sliced Vegetables

This is one of the best things I have made. A moment of serendipity, just when you can’t imagine what to cook, something rather good comes out of nowhere…

Celeriac and Cyprus Potato Gratin

Celeriac and potatoes have a wonderful affinity, but the real delight of this recipe Cyprus potatos – their nutty taste and texture is perfect in a gratin.

Biscotti Eight Ways

I made eight flavours of biscotti as Christmas gifts. A bit mad, but lots of fun. The photo shows the hazelnut, orange and chocolate, and chocolate and chocolate flavour – the rest were eaten!

Classic Spaghetti Carbonara

A simple 30 minute Italian Classic.

Nduja Crostini

I was blown away by a nduja pizza I had in London. So naturally, I bought some the next time I was in my Italian deli…

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