So What Is It?

What Dad Cooked is the home of a modest family man’s cooking brought to you by us, his sons, who think Dad is just too good to go unnoticed.

How did WDC begin?

Dad is a designer by trade, and whilst cooking has never been the day job, it’s certainly more than a hobby. Amongst his family and friends Dad is famous for his consistently excellent food… but he’s not fancy, showy or arrogant. He doesn’t try to impress, yet somehow he always does.

Dad likes to tell stories about food, but in the past, if you ever asked him how he cooked something, he’d shrug his shoulders and says, ‘Oh, you know…’

But we didn’t know… for years we’ve asked Dad to write down his recipes or to show-off his cooking… and he said no. Why? He doesn’t believe he’s good enough – overshadowed by the pros he’s learned from.

Now we’ve persuaded him to open up about his cooking, to write down his recipes – and even to photograph the finished result.

All the food on WDC is the food he actually cooks for the family. That’s why some meals are family feasts, some are special treats, some are weekday meals for two, and some are just a snack for one. Dad researches, explores, shops, forages, prepares and cooks everything himself. There aren’t any sous-chefs (well occasionally Mrs. WDC).

We think Dad is too good to go unnoticed. Have a look at our collection of his recipes, read Dad’s stories and please try out his techniques… then see if you agree.

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