July 25, 2016 — Dinner Party

Smoked Trout, Green Bean and Avocado Salad

  • 1 hour
  • 4 PEOPLE
  • easy

‘A nutritionally rich alternative to eating meat, this salad is an excellent way to get proteins, mono-unsaturated fats, potassium, iron, omega 3 and vitamin E into your system.’

'Our first recipe in collaboration with #Mental Movement, Dad's super-food salad is part of our joint venture to understand how healthy food can help support

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We'd love to see a photo when you plate up, please share #WhatDadCooked

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What you need

250g smoked trout fillets

250g green beans

1 or 2 avocados

200ml red rice

100g baby leaf salad

100g watercress

40g sliced almonds

lemon and olive oil


Dad's Recipe Tales

This is our first recipe in collaboration with the blog Mental Movement, part of our joint venture to understand how healthy food can help support “positive mental well-being”.

Celebrating seasonal food

If you grow vegetables, you’ll know the summer-defining pleasure of harvesting your first crop of beans. The UK supermarkets should be starting to stock home-grown seasonal fresh green beans, so buy up several bags now and enjoy them while they last. Further, if we buy local seasonal produce we’ll be sending an important message to the supermarkets as well as our farmers in support of indigenous seasonal food.

It’s also worth pausing to appreciate the alignment of food with the natural growing phases of the year. Not only is it very satisfying to harmonize our food with the calendar, but it’s possibly beneficial to the health of our metabolisms – which once ticked to the rhythm of the seasons.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting that we start hunting and gathering – I’m only making a gentle case for eating more seasonal food. So now that it’s summer – let’s enjoy our home-grown fresh salad and beans!


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How Dad Cooked It

A healthy and tasty salad full of home-grown seasonal beans – a real taste of summer!

The main ingredient however, is smoked trout – a fish rich in omega-3 (and kind on the digestion). It sits on a bed of nutty and chewy whole grain red rice and is offset with fresh and creamy avocado, well known for its health benefits (containing high levels of vitamin E, iron and potassium) . The avocado is also said to help lower cholesterol thanks to its mono-unsaturated fats. Toasted and flaked almonds – also nutritionally rich – add a finishing crunch to the salad.

To make the Smoked Trout, Green Bean and Avocado Salad:

  1. Make the rice. I’ve used red rice – but any type of rice would work. Red rice has the germ intact so retains more nutrients than polished rice. Wash the rice in several changes of water and drain for 5 minutes. In a thick-bottomed pan with a lid add one tablespoon of olive oil and heat on a medium high heat. Add the rice and fry for 5 minutes – stirring all the time. Bring a kettle of water to the boil and measure 390ml of water – pour this over the rice and stir. Fit the lid tightly over the pan and set the heat to the lowest. Cook for about 20 – 25 minutes (depending on the rice used). Turn off the heat and let the rice rest and steam for a further 10 minutes. Squeeze over half a lemon on the rice and stir. Spread the rice over an oven tray or platter and leave to cool for 10 minutes.
  2. (Optional tip: Cook a handful of green or puy lentils in a pan of water together with a peeled shallot cut in half and a small raw beetroot cut in half (water level just to the top of the beetroot and shallot). Simmer for 20 minutes until the lentils are tender. Strain, reserving the cooking liquid. Peel the beetroot and put the trimmings and the shallot back into the pan of liquid – bring to the boil and reduce to a thick syrup and strain. Chop the beetroot and add to the rice along with the reduced liquid.)
  3. Boil the beans. Wash, trim and cut the beans in half. Boil in plenty of salted water until tender but still firm. Immediately plunge into cold water until cooled. Drain and set aside.
  4. Prepare the avocado. Scoop out halves of avocado and cut into cubes. Cover with lemon juice to avoid discolouration and set aside.
  5. Toast the almonds. Put the almonds into a nonstick frying pan and toss over a high heat until evenly browned. Sprinkle the almonds onto a large plate to cool.
  6. Prepare the leaves. Chop any thick stalks from the watercress and then rinse all the salad leaves and spin dry.
  7. Prepare the trout. Break the trout into pieces, feel for bones and remove.
  8. Make the dressing. Use a proportion of 1 part lemon to 3 parts good olive oil and mix. Season to taste.
  9. Serve. On individual plates or a large platter – spread out even layers of salad leaves, then add a layer of rice, a layer of beans, followed by the trout. Finally, add the avocado and then the toasted almonds. Serve with the lemon dressing. I added a sprinkling of black sesame seeds for effect…
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