June 13, 2015 — Dessert

Mango Melba

  • 30 minutes
  • 4 PEOPLE
  • easy

‘…you don’t have to use mango, peaches are perfect too, but you do have to give the sauce a go.’

'Fresh mango is delicious, but as always with Dad, the secret is in the sauce...'

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We'd love to see a photo when you plate up, please share #WhatDadCooked

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What you need

1 ripe mango

400g fresh raspberries

2 tbs caster sugar

Vanilla ice cream


Dad's Recipe Tales

Like a Peach Melba but with mango

My favourite ice cream bar is a ‘Solero’ which is mostly mango on ice cream. So here is a dessert that combines my summer memories of fruity ice cream lollies with Escoffier’s dessert for opera singer Nellie Melba.

How Dad Cooked It

  1. Make a raspberry puree. Macerate the raspberries with sugar for an hour or more. Whiz in a suitable blending machine and sieve. Use a find sieve and with patience force the coulis through the mesh.
  2. Cutting a mango can be tricky, but is simple if one understands its anatomy. There is a very large flat stone which is nearly as wide as the fruit. This must be circumnavigated – but it cannot be excavated perfectly intact, it is very fibrous and has a tendency to hang onto the fruit.
    • Work as near as possible to the stone, but not right up against it. Get a good sharp knife and slice into the fruit just off the centre on the edge/side of the mango. Feel the knife going against the stone and work the blade around the fruit – never going past the middle. You should end up with a large half of mango with a slightly conical indentation.
    • Cut this in half lengthways. The next challenge is to remove the skin. The skin will seem easy to pare off with a short knife – but, like the stone, the skin tends to want to stay attached to the fruit. Also the fruit is extremely soft and delicate and easy to damage, so it should be handled as little as possible. Instead, treat it as if de-skinning a fillet of fish – plan to cut the skin off in a single piece working in thirds along the length. Put the skin side down on a flat cutting board and work a sharp wide knife from one end and side of the mango – allow the side of the blade to run flat against the board cutting the fruit just above the skin.
    • Do the same on the other side and then work through the middle. Hey presto – a beautiful quarter of mango which can be sliced.
  3. Fan this out and use a spatula to place on a pool of raspberry puree.
  4. Make a quenelle (or scoop) of vanilla ice cream and place carefully on top.
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