Citrus Slaw – Super Salad

  • Time: 30 minutes plus macerating time
  • Serves: 4
  • Level: medium

‘Dad’s Citrus Slaw is fresh and full of superfood things… from my newly found love for raddichio to radish, celery, spring onion and cabbage! You can have as a simple salad at work or accompany your Mexican tacos!’

'Now that the sun is coming back - let's start cracking out the superfood citrus slaw!'

What you need

Choose from the following:

White cabbage

Red cabbage

Iceberg or little gem lettuce




Carrot and or mooli (cut with julienne peeler)


Spring onion

Coriander or parsley

Dad's Recipe Tales

Citrus slaw is all the rage! Credited as a new super food – the must-have side dish. In essence it’s just a thinly slice cabbage salad. It’s fresh, light and healthy, so it’s a good salad to have up your sleeve (as it were). I serve it with Mexican food but it’s also good with barbecued food. You can also put it in wraps instead of chopped lettuce. It works well with fish. Check out my fish taco method of cooking salmon.


How Dad Cooked It

I think this slaw is more a technique than recipe, best adapted to suit individual appetites and ingredients available.

First some principles:

  1. White cabbage is nice and crunchy when eaten raw – but after a while you may start to feel like cow chewing its cud. Therefore it needs to be softened. This is achieved by macerating, curing, or light pickling. You will need some store cupboard kitchen chemicals including salt, vinegar or citrus juice, as well as a little sugar to help control sharpness.
  2. You can also use red cabbage with the white. But it tends to bleed – and like a red sock in a white wash it will turn your slaw a lovely pink. So pickle separately and mix together after it has macerated (unless you like pink slaws…).
  3. Both types of cabbage need to be thinly sliced. I would use a sharp knife. (I owned a mandolin for 10 years but finally threw it out on the grounds that it was intrinsically unsafe.)
  4. Do not worry about the time it will take to slice a cabbage – it magically expands as you slice and you will soon fill a bowl with voluminous shreds.
  5. I like to mix other veg in with the cabbage – including radishes, mooli, spring onion, carrot, celery, chilli, peppers, or even iceberg lettuce which helps to keep the slaw light and fresh.

To macerate the cabbage:

For one or two large handful of cabbage squeeze 1 lime or lemon (or 1 tbs vinegar) over the shredded cabbage and add half a teaspoon of salt and half a teaspoon sugar. Mix well and leave to macerate for a couple of hours. Then drain for half an hour.

To make the slaw:

Squeeze the cabbage and add to a bowl with other ingredients according to your preference. Season with pepper and toss well. This version is made with a dressing of 1  part lemon or lime to 3 parts groundnut oil or other light vegetable oil. You can also add mayonnaise, Greek yoghurt or buttermilk to the dressing for a more traditional coleslaw.

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