Pimp My Biscuit: Make Your Shop Bought Biscuits Better

Open the cupboards and give those plain biscuits some go-faster stripes...

Sometimes plain store-bought biscuits can be a little dull.

It’s always a battle.

We buy plain biscuits believing that is all we should allow ourselves. Meekly gratified, we make our way down the aisle, trying to avoid an envious sideways glance at the Belgian ‘three-chocolate’ extra-thick, chewy cookies.

We resist the temptation. We escape the store. Later, when the plain packet is brought out, it all comes back… if only….

So, open the cupboards and give those plain biscuits some go-faster stripes. A white or dark chocolate ganache can be made from melting chocolate in cream with sugar and vanilla. There are always leftover glace fruits from Xmas, as well as a few nuts hanging about. Buttercream icing can be made from mixing a little butter and icing sugar. White and dark chocolate can be shaved and cut. I have also experimented with Betty Crocker’s ‘ready-made, everlasting, non-destructable’ icing in tubs. Fond as I am of ‘our Betty‘ – this stuff is not very nice; goodness knows what they put in it. Use only in an emergency.

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