Homemade Chicken Soup in 5 Minutes

It's lunch. I fancied some soup. I opened the fridge and took stock. Leftover bits of chicken and some rice. Chicken soup sounds good. Lunch is over in 10 minutes - and the soup was great.

Homemade Chicken Soup

I’m reminded again about why it’s a good idea keeping leftovers. I fancied some soup and checked the fridge. There was about half a breast of leftover chicken and rice – a no-brainer as far as soup goes… some chicken soup!

soup ing-0005

I used chicken stock from a pot of concentrated powder (you can use a stock cube – but avoid those that are too salty or include MSG). I put 500ml hot water from the kettle in a pan, the chicken stock powder, the sliced chicken, a couple spoons of rice, a chopped spring onion, chopped parsley, dried oregano and ground pepper. I brought it to the boil and cooked for about 30 seconds. To finish I seasoned with a squeeze of lemon, some good olive oil and grated parmesan. All this took 5 minutes, and was enough for two. The final quality will depend on your stock, but either way it’s going to be way better than tinned soup.

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