Cherry Parfait

This is a store-cupboard cheat – the kind one is sometimes forced to make when...

This is a store-cupboard cheat – the kind one is sometimes forced to make when the aches of a sweet tooth become unbearable. It’s often the case that these pangs occur later in the evening, especially in front of the telly. The solution starts with a quick audit of the larder:

  1. got some old amaretti biscuits? Yep.
  2. any preserved jars of cherries? Yep.
  3. cream (still the right side of its use-by date)? Yep.
  4. a few flaked almonds? Yep.

Bingo! Cherry parfait.

Set out four small parfait or dessert glasses. Place three amaretti biscuits in each glass, then roughly break them up. Pour a couple of spoonful of the preserved cherries (and their liquor) over the amaretti. Whip the cream and spoon into the glasses, top with three cherries and the flaked almonds.

In fact, this type of dessert can be made in the same cheat-like manner by mixing and matching from any of the following: chocolate, caramel, fruit, biscuits, sponge, meringue, ice cream, cream, custard, liqueur, syrup, coulis and nuts.

Chuck your selection in a glass – quick as you can – and run back to the telly. Chances are you will beat the adverts, but also have made a wonderful cure for that sweet tooth.

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