Tuna & Sweetcorn Sandwich

  • Time: 20 minutes
  • Serves: 4
  • Level: easy

Call it a tuna sandwich, tuna fish sandwich, tuna mayonnaise or tuna salad sandwich, they all amount to the same thing: basically, tuna and mayonnaise in a sandwhich. It’s a wonderfully easy, quick and nutritious piece of culinary magic. But for many, tuna and mayonnaise is just the start – a perfect base to add all manner of salad ingredients. This version, with added dill pickle, celery and chives is my favourite. And though I might not intuitively add sweetcorn, I have to admit it’s an improvement!!


This is a spin on the classic tuna sandwich. It has added sweetcorn - and all the better for it!

What you need

110g drained tinned tuna

110 drained tinned sweetcorn

1 small or half large stick of celery chopped

1 medium dill pickle chopped

4 tbs Crème fraîche

2 tbs mayonnaise

2 tbs chopped chives


Sliced white bread toasted


Crisps to serve


How Dad Cooked It

There can be quite a bit of fuss over the best type of bread to use in a classic tuna sandwich. A deli-style sandwich might use soft rye bread. Some toast and some do not. However, for a basic tuna mayonnaise sandwich, I favour soft, untoasted sliced white bread. The softness with the tender filling makes a very contained, easy to eat and digestible sandwich – perfect for picnics. This version however, is a bit more deli style and uses toasted sourdough. Best eaten at the table and served on a plate, with plenty of napkins handy.

I’ve used crème fraĂ®che in this recipe because the dill, and especially the sweetcorn, make the tuna mix quite sweet. Generous amounts of lemon and seasoning will balance the flavours. I also tend to butter the insides of my sandwich bread – especially with wet filling that include mayonnaise. I find it help creates a barrier to the bread and will help avoid soggyness if the sandwiches are made in advance.


In a bowl mix the tuna, sweetcorn, celery, pickle, creme fraiche and mayonnaise with a fork. Add plenty of lemon and season with salt and pepper. Toast the bread and build the sandwiches layering lettuce, tuna mix and sprinkled chives. Serve with crisps.


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