Rosé Poached Peaches with Pistachio Gelato

  • Time: 1 hour plus chilling time
  • Serves: 4
  • Level: easy
These are possibly the poshest tinned peaches you will ever eat. They're not only delicious, they're beautiful.

What you need

4 flat white peaches

250ml rosé or white wine

250ml apple juice

50ml volume caster sugar

1 vanilla pod cut in half and split into four

Pistachio gelato/icecream (bought)

Pistachio nuts and mint to garnish

How Dad Cooked It

These peaches are delectable. They’re soothing, fresh and tasty. They may bring back memories of tinned peaches, but is this such a bad thing? After all, tinned peaches are just about the nicest thing you can eat from a tin. Just as with the preserved type of peaches, the enjoyment of these peaches is in the syrup as much as the fruit. This is why this recipe does not claim that the pistachio and peach is a match made in heaven, the match made in heaven is the peach and its syrup (even thought the peach and pistachio is a fine pairing). Substitute the wine for water and the syrup will still be irresistible, especially for children. I’ve made these with white wine and the colour is a stunning subtle shade of pink. Rosé makes the colour a little richer.

Wash the peaches and place in a single layer in a sauce pan. Add the wine, apple juice, sugar and vanilla. Poach on a gentle heat, ideally using a heat diffuser. Watch them carefully they will need 30 minutes or more. Turn them half way through cooking. Check with the point of a knife to see if they are tender and that the skins are softened and loose. Transfer the peaches and the cooking liquid into a large bowl, allow to cool and then refrigerate, ideally overnight. To serve, carefully peel the peaches and place on plates or in bowls and serve with the gelato. Toast the pistachio nuts, cool and then chop. Garnish the peach with a sprig of mint and a piece of vanilla and the gelato with the nuts.

Use the same recipe for normal peaches, peel the peaches first by immersing briefly in boiling water and then cut into halves. If desired, the stones in the flat peaches can be removed beforehand by using a an apple corer – it may need to be adjusted to size. This recipe can also be the basis of a of a peach Melba, poach the peaches as above, and add a raspberry coulis and vanilla ice cream.

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