Chocolate and Almond Amaretti Torte

Grilled Sardines

Artichokes and Lamb Noisettes with Potoatoes and Beans

Pozole Verde

Tempura Prawns

Steamed Sea Bream with Ginger, Spring Onions and a Soy Sauce

Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms with Blue Cheese and Wholegrain Basmati and Wild Rice

Chilli Rellenos (Poblano)

Chilli Rellenos (Small Pepper)

Globe Artichoke Vegetable Braise and Lamb Neck fillets

Chipotle Chilli Taco

Aubergine Portobello Taco

Yellow Courgette and Poblano Taco

Chicken Jalapeño Taco

Chilli Rellenos (Padron)