July 20, 2015 — Meat

Chicken Salad Sandwich

  • 10 minutes
  • 1 PEOPLE
  • easy

‘…if Dad says ‘who wants a sandwich’, you never say no…’

'What, a sandwich on a cooking website?
Well there's a science behind it, and...'

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We'd love to see a photo when you plate up, please share #WhatDadCooked

Share this yummy recipe with a friend on WhatsApp

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What you need

Sliced bread – any kind will work

Sliced breast of chicken

Sliced tomato




Salt and pepper



Dad's Recipe Tales

If you are taking orders for the office sandwich run – and someone says: ‘Hey, just get me anything’. What do you get?

You get chicken of course. You know where you stand with a chicken sandwich. It’s a classic – everybody likes chicken! (Usual caveats apply.)

There are things going on here that are important to note for a sandwich-maker: one is the combination of chicken, mayonnaise and salt; the other is tomatoes and lettuce. The chicken and salt gives a savoury texture, while the mayo ‘lubricates’ the chicken and the rest of the ingredients. The tomato provides a cool freshness and a further foil against dryness and gives the lettuce some crunch.

Moist chicken breast is best. Roast chicken leftovers will provide an ideal source. The bread is a personal choice. The filling will work in a bun, bap, ciabatta, white or brown soft sandwich loaf. My preference is sourdough – but the stiffness of the bread can be a problem, give it a gentle squeeze to help merge the contents.

Lightly toast the bread. The golden crispness adds  a degree of sophistication to the proceedings – rather as if you ordered a club sandwich on the hotel terrace.


How Dad Cooked It

1. Lightly toast the bread

2. Lightly butter the bread (this provides a shield to help guard against sogginess).

3. Assemble the sandwich: a layer chicken, a squirt or lick of mayonnaise, salt and pepper, tomatoes and then lettuce. Put the other slice of bread on top and press down gently to give some additional cohesion to the sandwich. It is very satisfying to cut through the sandwich.

4. Serve with crisps and a glass of very cold milk.

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