Cheeky Cheese on Toast Snack

  • Time: 5 minutes
  • Serves: 1
  • Level: easy

‘…any good cheese on good bread is a winner.’

'This is the official house breakfast. Dad likes to make his own bread but that's optional. We like Cornish Yarg, but let's face it...'

What you need






Dad's Recipe Tales

Cold cheese + hot toast. Unbeatable minimalist combo.

This may sound like an obvious combination, but I do not believe it is a very English tradition to add sliced cold cheese to toast. It seems more European, where it is more familiar served as part of a ‘Continental’ style breakfast. Certainly the ‘Continentals’ understand how to eat a satisfying, but relatively small amount for breakfast without being overloaded with say, the fried protein in a a ‘full-English’. Sliced cold cheese on toast is my breakfast of choice.

This goes a little beyond the symbiotic relationship of cheese and bread; and it is not an excuse to source fancy bread or expensive cheese (any types will do). It is more about the contrasting effects of hot and cold food. Some taste combinations are far more interesting when you add a temperature difference: think of hot chilli and cold yoghurt, or hot potatoes and cold ham, or ice cream and hot fudge! The same is true of hot toast and cold cheese.

How Dad Cooked It

The bread should be toasted and immediately buttered and covered with a thin slice of cheese.

I find mild cheeses are fine for this – my favourite( at the moment is) Cornish Yarg – but bog standard cheddar is good too.

I like to try out different condiments from the store cupboard, such as shichimi togarashi and olives.


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