Baloney Sandwich

  • Time: 5 minutes
  • Serves: 1
  • Level: easy

…but we all love mortadella – we’ve always had it bread, or as part of an antipasto.’

'...Dad's sandwich looks like a good sub for baloney...'

What you need

Mortadella. Ask for it to be cut in 1.5mm thick slices

White bread


Dad's Recipe Tales

An American classic

Baloney – or balongna as it is sometimes known – is processed meat that has been shaped into a 10cm diameter cylinder and then cut thinly into 1-2mm thick rounds. Americans don’t fuss over baloney – it will come on its own between two sliced of white bread with some mayonnaise, or possibly garnished with some crisp shredded lettuce and a square of mild cheese.

If you examine the texture and constituency of baloney it is rather similar to the processed meat that goes into a hot dog, or frankfurter. Indeed, heated like a hot dog, fried baloney is an important variation on the plain baloney sandwich. Frying baloney is rather surreal. When tossed into a hot pan, the disc of meat immediately reacts by arching rolling and buckling, almost as if it is trying to flip itself out of the heat of the pan. The cook will be required to tame the baloney by holding it down with a spatula to cook through properly. With the similar characteristics of a bacon butty, a fried baloney sandwich is good with just butter on white bread. However, as baloney shares the same textures and tastes of flattened hot dogs, it can also benefit from the addition of mustard and ketchup.

How Dad Cooked It

This is how I remember eating baloney sandwiches in the USA – it was all about the main ingredients; bread, baloney, mayo.

Cut the mortadella into 10cm – rounds – this is as close as one can get to baloney in the UK.

To assemble the sandwich, use normal sandwich sliced white loaf. Spread both slices with a standard store bought version of mayonnaise in a jar or bottle. Add baloney to one slice and put the other on top.



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